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Chris Greenhill Real Estate Agent

Licensed REAA 2008

Chris Greenhill


Chris won't preach integrity, honesty and openness.  That's a given!  That's the base line in service and she's focussed way above that.  She sets her standards high and her targets even higher. 

Chris’ career in real estate started in 1992, and during this time she has seen a lot of changes. Chris has become very systems orientated and client focused and ensures she has all the up-to-date statistics in the current market. Chris’ philosophy on client service is the key to her success. She believes her clients want to work with someone who has straight forward, honest manner and who can give informed and knowledgeable advice. “When I communicate with people I take a very direct approach”. “Success in real estate comes through personal communication and making that connection by establishing your clients needs and expectations up front. First by listening and then by delivering”.

Chris represents Marlborough Real Estate as Co Business Owner, Director and Sales Manager, a member of the Harcourts Group, and along with the very powerful sales team of residential, lifestyle, rural and commercial consultants, their strength in the market enables them to continue achieving top results amongst the Harcourts Franchises, but more importantly—a great result for you!

Award Winning Team 2015

Award Winning Team 2015On Stage Sky City 2015

Meet Our Team

And on a personal level...

Chris is married to Dean and together they have 2 adult daughters, Toni and Jessica.

Dean is a HASNO auditor and contracts to Envirocom.  He audits sites and is responsible for the issuing of location test certificates and stationery container certificates for compliance

Toni is living in Christchurch and is in her last year studying at CPIT for a Diploma in Medical Imaging.

Jess, married to Luke, lives in Brisbane and is the Marketing Manager for Queensland Medical Laboratories.

Winner of the Most Trusted Brand for the 3rd year in a row! - Thank YOU New Zealand!

They "Dared to Dream" - The recipients of our Dare to Dream promotion. Our way of giving back to our Community. $1,000 each to ensure they can "live their dream". Mark and Chris with the successful recipients. Lysa Woodcock, Louis Lefebre, Braden Mason and Jack Dalton. (Taylor Burn and Henry Gibbs unavailable for the photo). Read more about their dreams..........

Dare to Dream Bios

Taylor Burn & Henry Gibbs

Both Taylor and Henry are members of QC Yacht club.  Taylor has been sailing for 9 years has represented  NZ successfully wining National and a World titles in different classes.  Henry has sailed for 3 years and is fast gaining experience and has represented NZ twice overseas already.  The boys formed their partnership in Nov 2012.

Taylor and Henry’s dream is to Win the 420 World Youth Championships in Valencia, Spain and then move on to the 420 Junior European Championships in Wales.

With a cost of over $17,000 to attend the Worlds the $1,000 would make a huge help with our fundraising campaign to allow us to win our dream.

Taylor and Henry

Lysa Woodcock

Lysa’s dream is to bring her adopted brother Shawn and her Mum and Dad to Blenheim.  Shawn was born with drug and alcohol fetal syndrome.  He has fought and beat leukemia twice.  He has had numerous complications including epilepsy, his growth has stopped and his thyroid has been removed due to tumors.  Both hips have been pinned and now sadly the family has the news Shawn has tumors on the brain.  This money will help bring Shawn and his parents from the Hawkes Bay to Blenheim to share some quality family time and have one special thing to do each day.

Lysa accepting her $1,000 cheque

Louis Lefebre (Riding for the Disabled)

3 years ago Louis had a skiing accident at Mt Hutt which has left him as a tetraplegic.  After time in ICU at Christchurch Hospital Louis was transferred to Burwood Spinal Unit where he spent 6 months receiving a lot of physiotherapy.  Once back in Blenheim physiotherapists suggested horse riding through the RDA as an extra activity.  Louis says; he’s an engineer and saw no logic in the idea at all.  He cannot sit unsupported on a dining room chair let alone a moving saddle!  But try it he did and is now a regular once a week rider.  Louis dream is help provide new computers and a printer for the admin team.  RDA is a non profit organization and is staffed by 4 part timers and around 25-30 volunteers so the grant would certainly go some way to pay the final bill.


Braden Mason

Braden was diagnosed with a spinal/brain tumor which has left him in a wheelchair since the age of 6.  It’s hard on the family seeing Braden suffer from pain and being in and out of hospital trying to find the right drugs to help.  They have just returned from Christchurch hospital where Braden was to have an MRI.  While there Doctors tried a new drug which cause respiratory failure and Braden went into a coma.  The family were told if he did pull through there was a chance of him being brain damaged.  He went into ICU at 1.30pm and at 8.30pm he finally started to breathe on his own.  At 1.30am he opened his eyes and they had their miracle boy back.  The family would love to do something special for Braden as his illness has put a real strain on finances and it is not easy for the family to take a break.


Jack Dalton

Jack is 13 and competes in motocross at local, regional and national events.

Jack started racing at 4 years old.  Two of his best achievements were being picked for the NZ team to race in the Oceania Champs against Australia and winning a title at the NZ Grand Prix.

This sport does not get a lot of recognition or coverage from the media, yet it is a sport that produces highly competitive athletes with many talents.  You must be physically fit, mentally tough, have great endurance, make quick decisions at high speeds and have a passion to win.  (It also requires my parent’s dedication and financial support to be involved in this sport!!)

To receive a grant of $1,000 would be a huge help in my goal of defending my NZ cross Country Title and competing at the NZ Motocross Champs.